Continued Growth in the Conversation Intelligence Software Market

June 17, 2023

With the increased emphasis on virtual selling in the past few years, sales SaaS companies have recognized the value of offering conversation intelligence capabilities to support sales coaching, deal intelligence, and sales training. 

While generative AI (GAI) capabilities are the topic of most discussions recently with the influx of GAI-related products, conversation intelligence solutions, which also leverage a form of artificial intelligence and machine learning, have been on the rise in recent years.

In this article, we’ll outline some key acquisitions and new entrants to this category in recent years to explore why sales-tech vendors are prioritizing the need for native conversation intelligence capabilities. 

Developments in the conversation intelligence market

Over the last several years, there have been several acquisitions of leading conversation intelligence vendors by SaaS players to bolster their offering and incorporate this functionality directly into their products; rather than integrating with existing products. 

Below are some of the recent acquisitions in this space:

Conversation Intelligence Software ➜

There’s also been a gradual increase in vendors developing conversation intelligence features internally.

Some of the examples are:

  • CallRail enhanced its offering with premium conversation intelligence, in April 2023
  • Microsoft enhanced Viva Sales, including conversation intelligence, in August 2022
  • Mindtickle built their conversation intelligence capabilities, known as "Call AI" in May 2021
  • HubSpot released conversation intelligence capabilities in March 2021
  • Outreach released Outreach Kaia, which provides conversation intelligence, in May 2020
  • Salesforce introduced “Einstein Call Coaching,” now known as Einstein Conversation Insights, in July 2020 

As shown above, industry leaders are placing greater emphasis on conversation intelligence capabilities. The growth in G2’s Conversation Intelligence Software category in recent months further supports this. The utilization of these features will likely continue to increase in the coming years, either through acquisitions or product developments. 


Data from conversation intelligence solutions is critical

There’s no mystery as to why vendors are investing in the conversation intelligence space; sales conversations will continue to occur virtually, and it’s imperative to capture conversations for one primary reason: data. 

The data collected by conversation intelligence solutions is critical for understanding the effectiveness and weaknesses within a sales organization. 

However, the data’s value isn’t one-sided. Data can be used in multiple ways to maximize an organization’s visibility into their sales department.

Below are a few ways to leverage data from conversation intelligence solutions: 

  • Identify keywords, topics, or action items from sales calls
  • Identify risky or noncompliant topics 
  • Analyze customer conversations to provide predictive analytics
  • Capture CSM interactions to help drive upsell and expansion opportunities
  • Coach sales representatives on best practices
  • Provide product teams with insights into customer and prospect needs

The multi-faceted use cases these solutions provide are likely a leading factor in why reviewers realize a return on investment (ROI) sooner as they continue to adopt the plethora of features and use cases offered.


Buyer preferences lead toward continued product enhancements


respondents of G2’s 2023 Buyer Behavior report prefer buying products from the same vendor instead of switching vendors.

Source: G2’s 2023 Buyer Behavior report

This data suggests that customers prefer staying with the same software provider, assuming it continues to meet their needs. 

The continued development of conversation intelligence capabilities supports this, as it enables vendors to offer more robust capabilities to validate further their offering, drive ROI, consolidate sales tech tools, and prevent customer churn. 

With the emergence of generative AI capabilities, it’s likely to expand the capabilities of conversation intelligence solutions and further drive the adoption and development of this category.

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Edited by Shanti S Nair

Continued Growth in the Conversation Intelligence Software Market The conversation intelligence market has had new entrants in recent years due to acquisitions and internal product developments.
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