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Introducing Attributes to G2's Demo Automation Category

Demo automation software is a rapidly growing and evolving software category.

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AI Boosts Productivity Bots But Improvements Needed Elsewhere

AI has been a hot topic for software products since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022.

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Key Insights from G2’s State of Customer Success Survey

Customer success has been an increasing focal point for businesses.

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Introducing G2’s New Value Selling Tools Category

The purchasing process in today’s B2B SaaS environment is heavily scrutinized due to budget...

Analyst Commentary: Applications Research

Revisiting 2023 Trends: The Rise of Digital Sales Room Software

In December 2022, G2 predicted that digital sales room software would expand its use cases from the...

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Research

2024 Trends: Consolidation in SalesTech to Drive Sales Execution

This post is part of G2's 2024 technology trends series. Read more about G2’s perspective on...

Research News Feed Hits Unicorn Status: Raises $100 million, a leading sales intelligence solution, announced they had raised $100 million in Series...

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Continued Growth in the Conversation Intelligence Software Market

With the increased emphasis on virtual selling in the past few years, sales SaaS companies have...

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Mindtickle Acquires Enable Us to Expand Product Portfolio into Digital Sales Room

On May 2, 2023, Mindtickle announced its acquisition of Enable Us, a digital sales room software...