Big Players Fuel the Cloud Migration Acquisition Trend

September 13, 2019

Cloud services providers have been tapping into their inner Pac-Man, eating up cloud migration providers like bonus fruit.

Microsoft is the latest in a growing trend of cloud services providers acquiring smaller cloud migration companies, adding startup Movere on Sept. 4. We’ve already watched Amazon acquire CloudEndure in January of this year, as well as Google acquiring Velostrata in mid-2018 and IBM acquiring Sanovi Technologies in late 2016. All of these additions are part of the more general trend of acquisitions made by these cloud providers over the past decade.

This acquisition trend is far from surprising. Cloud-based services, solutions, and infrastructure have exploded in popularity, but the process of moving resources and infrastructure dependency into the cloud has left many businesses less than thrilled. The migration process can be time-consuming and complicated, and it has a tendency to create a lot of out-of-the-gate issues.

To assuage some of these issues, cloud providers are starting to add cloud migration services and products to their portfolio. Of Microsoft’s acquisition, Azure Management’s partner director Jeremy Winter highlighted this sentiment, “Movere’s innovative discovery and assessment capabilities will complement Azure Migrate and our integrated partner solutions, making migration an easier process for our customers.”

In reality, this string of cloud migration provider acquisitions by cloud services providers comes down to one simple goal: a consolidated, full-service package from a single source. Winter speaks to this in the Movere acquisition press release, explaining that “Together, Azure Migrate, Movere, and our ecosystem of independent software vendor (ISV) partners' solutions provide choice and a comprehensive set of capabilities from discovery, assessment, to migration and optimization.”

We are seeing the consolidation of numerous cloud services under a single vendor as a major trend from major players in the cloud game. While convenient, this should also stir up questions surrounding the limits of such consolidation. I’ll be talking about this further in a future piece. Stay tuned.

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Big Players Fuel the Cloud Migration Acquisition Trend In the last few years, big players in the cloud computing space have been acquiring cloud migration companies right and left. What’s fueling this acquisition trend?
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