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Zack Busch

Zack is a former G2 senior research analyst for IT and development software. He leveraged years of national and international vendor relations experience, working with software vendors of all markets and regions to improve product and market representation on G2, as well as built better cross-company relationships. Using authenticated review data, he analyzed product and competitor data to find trends in buyer/user preferences around software implementation, support, and functionality. This data enabled thought leadership initiatives around topics such as cloud infrastructure, monitoring, backup, and ITSM.

Cloud, Dev & IT

An Amazonian Challenge: The Year of Cloud Partnerships

No one should be surprised that Amazon owns the lion’s share of the cloud computing market.

Research News Feed

ServiceNow and VMware Make Key AIOps Acquisitions

ServiceNow, an  IT workflow management and optimization company, announced a finalized agreement...

Cloud, Dev & IT

Cloud Computing in Health Care

I recall—and many of us can relate to—picking up X-ray sheets from one doctor and driving them...

2020 Technology Trends

2020 IT and Cloud Computing Trends

This post is one part of G2's 2020 digital trends series. Read more about G2’s approach to...

Cloud, Dev & IT

The Case for Multicloud Infrastructure Adoption

Putting all your eggs in one basket doesn’t always work out well. We’ve all done it, and when...

Research News Feed

Germany Invests $717 Million in IBM Quantum Computing

Germany is at the center of the newest spin on quantum computing deals.

Cloud, Dev & IT

The G2 on the Cloud: The History of Cloud Adoption

The concept of cloud computing isn’t new. References to cloud computing have been around since...

Cloud, Dev & IT

Big Players Fuel the Cloud Migration Acquisition Trend

Cloud services providers have been tapping into their inner Pac-Man, eating up cloud migration...


VMware Acquires Carbon Black, Pivotal for $4.8 Billion

VMware has confirmed it will be buying cybersecurity company Carbon Black, as well as its sister...

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