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Cybersecurity & Privacy

The Evolution of Cloud Security in 2022

This post is part of G2's 2022 digital trends series. Read more about G2’s perspective on...

Technology Research

Investors Tackle Multicloud Security Needs with Service Mesh Funding

Despite relatively low chatter, service mesh businesses are booming as adoption expands. In...

Technology Research

Blockchain Investment Drives Growth of Cryptocurrency Market

A lot of moves are being made in the blockchain world, with mergers and acquisitions apparently...

Research News Feed

Poor Password Policies Initial Cause of Massive SolarWinds Breach

It is virtually impossible to estimate the scale of the ongoing cyberattack that relied on...

2021 Research Trends

2021 Trends in Cybersecurity

This post is part of G2's 2021 digital trends series. Read more about G2’s perspective on...

Technology Research

User Adoption is the Key to Calculating ROI for Security Solutions

The return on investment (ROI) is impossible to calculate for cybersecurity solutions. For such...

Technology Research

Computer Viruses Return As the Coronavirus Continues to Spread

In a pinch of irony, the same week that the coronavirus was making headlines, it was announced...

Technology Research

The Case for SOAR Solutions: The Future of Cybersecurity

Intelligent automation is making impacts across technology markets. And due to an enormous labor...

Research News Feed

Privacy Startup Skyflow Raises $7.5 Million After Stealth Mode

Skyflow, a Mountain View, CA-based startup in the data privacy space, came out of stealth mode...

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