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Challenges of Multicloud Solution Management and Security

Not all clouds are created equal, at least not in terms of security.

Technology Research

Blockchain to Biometrics: 2019’s Cybersecurity Trends

The 2020 editions to G2’s annual Digital Transformation Trends are in the works. In the past, I’ve...

Technology Research

What Is Fileless Malware and How Do Attacks Occur?

Fileless malware attacks are on the rise as more hackers use it to disguise their nefarious...

Cloud, Dev & IT

G2 on Cloud Security: Investigating the Risks of Cloud Computing

The rapid adoption of cloud computing services has given businesses a false sense of security when...

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Container Security Vendor Snyk Secures $70 Million in Funding

Snyk, a London-based container security software vendor, has received $70 million in Series C...

Technology Research

Best Practices for SIEM Implementation — What You Should Know

Cybersecurity systems involve many technologies and can be built with various options, but large...

Cybersecurity & Privacy

National Cybersecurity and Popular Products Across the World

In a digital age, data security is a top priority, but it can be difficult to know who exactly is ...

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Facebook Breach Explained — How 419 Million Phone Numbers Were Exposed (+How to Protect Your Data)

Facebook has once again exposed the personal information of millions of users. More than 419...

Cloud, Dev & IT

The G2 on Cloud Security: Conquering Container Security

Containers — a lightweight VM alternative — are some of the most widely used cloud technologies...