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Salesforce Connections 2024: AI Boosts E-commerce

The e-commerce market has exploded in recent years, transforming the way we shop.

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Spring 2024 Asset Management Software Reports: A Summary

Most industries rely on fixed assets such as equipment and tools to manufacture, distribute, and...

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G2 Launches a New Category for Carbon Accounting Software

Transparency is paramount in today's business world.

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Pros and Cons of Using Software Reviews for ERP Selection

Choosing the right ERP solution is critical for any business.

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Overcoming Software Selection Bias Using Behavioral Economics

Software selection is already complicated due to the numerous options available and all the factors...

ERP & Commerce Research

Why We Added a New Category for Embedded Payments

While payments may seem straightforward from a buyer or consumer perspective, the back-end...

ERP & Commerce Research

How ERP Software Helps with Production Planning in Manufacturing

Planning production operations is the next step after resource management and probably the most...

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SAP TechEd Sheds Light on Its Journey to Cloud ERP

As expected, generative AI seemed to be the main topic discussed at SAP TechEd last week, but ERP...

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2024 Trends: Why It May Take Years for Generative AI to Be Enterprise-Ready

This post is part ofG2's 2024 technology trendsseries. Read more about G2’s perspective on...