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What Is the New FinancialForce SaaB Platform, and Why Does It Matter?

FinancialForce recently announced its new services-as-a-business (SaaB) platform that aims to...

Enterprise Solutions Research

Environmental Health and Safety in the Age of Industry 4.0

It's 2022, and fully automated factories and warehouses are now a reality. 

Application Research

What Is Social Commerce, and Why We Created a New Category for It

The fact that social media is critical for e-commerce is obvious. There are billions of users on...

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E-Commerce News Recap: Reality Check for Buyers, Sellers, and Vendors

Many things have happened in the e-commerce world since I started my new monthly recap only a month...

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Paddle and ProfitWell Combine Forces to Better Serve SaaS Companies

Subscription management solutions provider Paddle acquired ProfitWell last week, intending to...

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April E-commerce News: Challenges Require Out of the Box Thinking

The e-commerce software market is going through unprecedented changes as it reaches maturity....

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Highlights From the G2 Spring 2022 ERP Reports

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is probably one of the most mature software markets, which...

ERP & Commerce Research

Why Environmental Health and Safety Matters, More Than Ever

Professional services employees can work from home during these difficult times, but workers in...

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Chargebee Acquires Brightback, Increasing Focus on Subscription Retention

It’s probably safe to assume that we all use some kind of software or app sold as a subscription...