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Emily Malis

Emily is the market research manager for the applications squad as well as G2's research principal focused on marketing + digital advertising software. She earned her BS in business administration and MBA with a concentration in marketing and business analytics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She enjoys coaching and volunteering for Girls on the Run, attending concerts, running half marathons, and hiking.


4 New Account-Based Marketing Software Categories on G2

If you had to guess how many years account-based marketing has been around, what would you say?...


Supply Path Optimization & Its Impact on Programmatic Advertising

For my November monthly column, I wanted to focus on a key takeaway of the AdExchanger...

Research News Feed

Google’s Firefly Can Now Target Ads Based on Weather

Firefly, a startup that delivers full-screen media and measurement on rideshare vehicles and...


Top Takeaways from AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O

I attended my first AdExchanger Programmatic I/O conference in New York City earlier this month,...

Research News Feed

Oracle Buys CrowdTwist to Expand CX Capabilities

Continuing on the theme of delivering personalized customer experiences, Oracle announced its ...


5G’s Disruption to Digital Marketing

Does anyone remember when 4G was released? Do you remember what you were doing or who you were...


Oracle and Deloitte Digital Team Up on Oracle CX Unity

“In a service-oriented world, we must continuously deliver exceptional experiences and stay...

Research News Feed

Kabbage Acquires Radius Intelligence

Kabbage, an Atlanta-based global financial services, technology, and data platform, recently...

Thought Leadership

The G2 on Martech: Continued Growth of CDPs and How They Leverage AI

Have you ever thought “Wow, they get me,” when interacting with a brand? It could be as simple...

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