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Application Research

Signs That Remote Recruiting Is Here to Stay

For most jobs, there had always been an in-person component to the hiring process. It might have...

Analyst Commentary: Applications Research

G2 Launches New Category for Live Blog Software

In the era of social media and social enlightenment, people want news in the form of headlines....

ERP & Commerce Research

Some Well Known (and Lesser Known) Facts About GAAP

I’m sure many people have heard the term GAAP used in one conversation or another, but unless...

HR & Collaboration Research

Managing the Convergence of the Physical and Virtual Office

It’s already been established that remote work culture isn’t going anywhere. However, that...

Application Research

How Cloud ERP Helps Address Manufacturing Challenges

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems were created for manufacturing companies decades ago,...

Analyst Commentary: Applications Research

Increased Adoption of Revenue Operations Leads to New G2 Category

Over the last few years, businesses have started to understand that in order to retain customers...

Analyst Commentary: Applications Research

Digital Design for a Human World

Society evolves over time. Whether due to social, political, scientific, or technological...

ERP & Commerce Research

State of Project Management Spring 2021

New technologies like the cloud have democratized project management software, making it...

Analyst Commentary: Applications Research

Remote Work and the Future of Contact Centers

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been widespread, across all sectors and industries,...

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