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Application Research

Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs): Buzzword To Buzzworthy

Have you ever started purchasing a flight for a weekend trip on your laptop but get interrupted,...

Verticals & Services Research

Key Takeaways From CareCredit’s Webinar on Patient Financing

On March 31, 2021, I attended CareCredit’s webinar on patient financing hosted by Becker’s...

Research News Feed

AI-Powered Talent Platform Phenom Raises $100 Million

In another sign of the growing role artificial intelligence (AI) is playing in recruiting, the...

Verticals & Services Research

Patient Experience Matters And the Pandemic Has Improved It

The healthcare market is becoming increasingly competitive as patients and families want to...

Technology Research

Blockchain Investment Drives Growth of Cryptocurrency Market

A lot of moves are being made in the blockchain world, with mergers and acquisitions apparently...

Technology Research

Can APM Solutions Monitor Today’s Complex Software?

Do you know how many software applications your organization is using? According to the Okta...

Application Research

Three Key Takeaways From Spring HR Tech 2021

It’s time for action.

Application Research

The Growing Popularity of Blockchain Technology

In December 2020, I wrote an article discussing the growing popularity of blockchain software...

Research News Feed

Revolut Announces US Banking Charter Application

Revolut, a UK-based neobank, recently announced that they have applied for a banking charter in...

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