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Stephanie Graham

Stephanie is a senior research analyst at G2 concentrating on marketing and digital advertising software. Prior to joining G2, Stephanie spent four years in B2B marketing and event management at an independent publishing company. This experience nurtured her passion for understanding how technology can help solve the unique challenges small businesses face today. Stephanie’s areas of interest include brand perception, customer experience, SEO, and local marketing. She received her BA in journalism and Spanish from Marquette University and in her spare time enjoys reading, gaming, and trying new vegetarian restaurants.

Application Research

The Future of Virtual and Hybrid Events in a Post-Pandemic Landscape

In the past year, the virtual event software industry has undergone a massive transformation....

2021 Research Trends

2021 Trends in Customer Engagement and Experience

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Application Research

G2 Launches New Software Category for Virtual Event Platforms

At the end of March, we examined the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the events industry....


How COVID-19 Is Changing the Future of Virtual Events

When I got my start in event management, I learned pretty quickly that there’s an event for ...


How to Balance Consumer Privacy and Personalization in Marketing

Every day, consumers are inundated with generic advertisements on billboards, subway ads, and TV...

2020 Research Trends

2020 Social Media and Search Marketing Trends

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Research News Feed

Twitter Expands Access to Brand Surveys

On Dec. 3, 2019, Twitter announced it is making Twitter Brand Surveys available to all managed...


How to Improve Brand Perception with Social Listening

For marketers, one of the greatest benefits of social media is the opportunity to interact with...


How Will Twitter's Ban on Political Ads Impact Advertisers and Nonprofits?

On Wednesday, Oct. 30, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made a groundbreaking announcement: The social...

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