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SaaS-Based CAD is Taking Over

Software as a service (SaaS), also known as software in the cloud, is increasingly penetrating...


How will the Fourth Industrial Revolution Impact Remote Work?

When we think about remote work, we usually imagine employees performing the same tasks they...

Technology Research

A Complete Guide to Data Privacy Management

To help buyers make sense of the data privacy software landscape, I will write several articles...


The Promises and Pitfalls of Virtual Classroom Tools

A couple of months ago, no one in K–12 education was talking about virtual classrooms.


Collab Tech and Its Impact on Who Gets to Work Remotely

Collaboration software was already a hot topic, then the COVID-19 outbreak happened.


How COVID-19 Is Changing the Future of Virtual Events

When I got my start in event management, I learned pretty quickly that there’s an event for ...

Technology Research

How to Authenticate Remote Workers in a Zero Trust Security Model

Where and how employees work has changed drastically in the last decade. Workers used to only be...

Technology Research

How COVID-19 Is Impacting Data Professionals

Remote work isn't the future. It's a current reality, with nearly 75% of U.S. workers working...


Remote Learning Tools Educators Need Most

Most teachers I’ve met are master improvisers. They have to be ready to adapt to situations in...

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