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Project Management in the Age of Remote Work

Working from home is a trend that’s been gaining traction for some time, with a growth of 159%...

Technology Research

Build Custom Solutions with RAD Software to Solve Remote Work Issues

When society experiences major pressures and must shift toward the unfamiliar--as we are right...


How to Balance Consumer Privacy and Personalization in Marketing

Every day, consumers are inundated with generic advertisements on billboards, subway ads, and TV...

Technology Research

AWS re:Invent Extends the Cloud and Empowers Digital Transformation

Amazon Web Services’ annual gathering in Las Vegas, re:Invent, continues to grow both in terms...


How Project-Based Software Helps Companies

Most tasks we do at work are either process or project-based. Processes are made of repetitive...

Cloud, Dev & IT

An Amazonian Challenge: The Year of Cloud Partnerships

No one should be surprised that Amazon owns the lion’s share of the cloud computing market.

Technology Research

What Is DevSecOps, and How Is It Different from DevOps?

The golden age of DevOps software best practices has settled upon us like a cozy blanket of...


How Generative Design Supports Sustainability

About seven years ago, 3D printing was all the rage. For a few months, even years, it was one of...


Work Communications Surveillance and Accountability

In early December, The Verge published a tell-all piece on Away, a direct-to-consumer luggage...

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