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The State of Techfin in Europe and Asia

Big tech companies are expanding their financial services offerings across the globe, but the...

Artificial Intelligence

Why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Is Still Relevant

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is not a new technology. It first made its debut...

Technology Research

True Data Protection Demands More Than Just Regulation

I’ll let you in on a (poorly kept) secret: The use of advanced analytics and other AI-powered...


Supply Path Optimization & Its Impact on Programmatic Advertising

For my November monthly column, I wanted to focus on a key takeaway of the AdExchanger...


Building Energy Modeling: The Future of Sustainability

In my previous column, we explored the various ways building information modeling (BIM) software...

Cloud, Dev & IT

Challenges of Multicloud Solution Management and Security

Not all clouds are created equal, at least not in terms of security.

Technology Research

Blockchain to Biometrics: 2019’s Cybersecurity Trends

The 2020 editions to G2’s annual Digital Transformation Trends are in the works. In the past,...


Innovation in EDU Conference: A Chicago Retrospective

Technology revolutionized the classroom and made learning more accessible. Education technology...

Technology Research

The Data Toolbox: The Expanding Domain of AI & Analytics

Killer robots. Threatening humanoids. Robo-apocalypses and evil robots taking over the world....

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